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Definition of a Short Sale

Life Insurance and Medical Information Bureau (MIB)
Feb 5, 2009 . For the first time ever, I had a life insurance agent cursed at me with an F word. . When my ex-insurance agent told me that I will have an MIB record . Marijuana or hashish. and 2) Test for drugs other than cocaine, positive .

Short Sale Process

Demystifying the Life Insurance Medical Exam
Life insurance allows a person to purchase protection against financial loss occurring at . diabetes, the presence of medication and nicotine and cocaine, as well as . Most life insurers are members of a non-profit organization called MIB Inc.

The Lowdown on Life Insurance Medical Exams
There are three main ways a new life insurance policy is priced: . go through routine analysis, plus screening for certain medications, cocaine and other drugs. . the life insurance policy, your test results become part of your record in MIB .

Everything About Life Insurance!
Jan 18, 2010 . Now many people can say that Life Insurance is like gambling. You are betting that you will die in a specific time and the insurance company .

Yahoo! The Lowdown on Life Insurance Medical Exams
For high amounts of life insurance, such as $2500000 and up, treadmill EKGs are . Bureau (MIB), a clearinghouse of medical information that insurers share. . may go through routine analysis, plus screening for certain medications, cocaine, .

Credit Implications of doing a Short Sale

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While cocaine may not lie, applicants who apply for life insurance and partake of . A frequently occurring scenario is where MIB signals possible prior cocaine .

When denied for life insurance for drug test what can i do
Only thing to do is Get off Street Drugs and try a different Life Insurance . When you apply for life insurance, the majority of life insurance companies use the MIB . If decline was due to something such as cocaine, meth, opiates, etc.. you are .

American United Life, Post Office Box 368, Indianapolis, Indiana 46206-0368. . or health insurance, or file a claim with such a company, the MIB, upon request, will give . for the presence and/or level of blood sugar, cocaine or other drugs, .

Our Experience with Short Sales

Once we have determined the degree of risk that each Proposed Life Insured . If you apply to another MIB member company for life or health insurance . Have you ever used heroin, morphine, cocaine, barbiturates, amphetamines, LSD, .

Supplemental Term Life Application
Applicants under the age of one year are not eligible for Life insurance. . b) used marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, . I authorize the Medical Information Bureau, Inc. (“MIB”) to give Nationwide or its reinsuring companies any .

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